The Coffeehouse Convertible

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Follow the exploits of  student and Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11s user Valerie Sarnataro in her blog, Balancing Act, as she balances her work, school and social life with this  new and innovative  tablet and  notebook  convertible.   She\’ll be blogging regularly and taking you along as part of this special feature sponsored by Lenovo.


\"balancinglenovo\"Having been using the Yoga 11S for the past month, I am no longer surprised by its ability to flip into several positions. Of course, I am still pleased that the device is practically three units in one, yet I am no longer stunned by its flexibility.

That being said, the convertible is quite the conversation starter when I use it at school, on the train or basically anywhere there are people. The most recent outing where my IdeaPad turned a few heads was at a local coffee shop.

The Pavement Coffeehouse is practically a hotbed for students looking for an alternative location to study rather than the library or on campus. And with this particular shop being so close to the New England Conservatory of Music, it is also a breeding ground for musicians who need some inspiration beyond their dorm rooms. I, however, go for the sandwiches, as I’m a sucker for anything on a bagel!

\"Coffee\"While waiting to place my order, I had the Yoga in tablet mode and was scrolling through the New York Times to catch up on the day’s news. The person behind me must have been on the market for a new tablet, as he quickly struck up a conversation about how unique my particular slate looked. He was interested by the size of the device, as well as what he thought was a case beneath it. I confessed that it wasn’t actually a case but a keyboard, as this unit wasn’t technically just a tablet.

As we waited for our orders, I showed the man how the Yoga got its name, flipping the convertible from tablet mode, to laptop, to stand, and then tent. If that didn’t impress him enough, the touchscreen capabilities in all modes really sparked his interest.

His awe reminded me of my own when I first opened the black and orange Lenovo box a mere month ago. He too was unfamiliar with Windows 8, so I gave him a quick tutorial as I ate my sandwich and he downed his cappuccino. Twenty minutes later and I was showing him my favorite apps from the Windows Store and how easy it is to customize the homescreen.

After showing him the helpful keyboard shortcuts on the Yoga and giving him tips on how to split the screen for dual work zones, I had finished my sandwich and needed to be going. My originally intended lunch-to-go turned into more of a product demo than a quick bite, but it was worth it as I made a new coffee companion in the process!


Be sure to follow Valerie as she uses the  Lenovo Yoga 11s at home, at school and at work.  There are some great things in store as her journey continues, so be sure to follow her exploits here and within her social communities.  Be sure to check out our links to Lenovo news and reviews, as well as to Lenovo social communities. 


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