The Convertible Bank Teller

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Follow the exploits of student and Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11s user Valerie Sarnataro in her blog, Balancing Act, as she balances her work, school and social life with this  new and innovative  tablet and  notebook  convertible. She\’ll be blogging regularly and taking you along as part of this special feature sponsored by Lenovo.



By now most people have enjoyed the convenience of mobile banking. Whether you need to access your accounts or transfer money on the go, with just the click of a button, mobile banking makes it all possible.

Yet, my favorite aspect of the new age banking is mobile check deposits. As enjoyable as it is to wait in line at the bank, only to be greeted by a less than enthused bank teller, the ability to deposit a check without even leaving the house is much more gratifying.

\"citizensNormally I use my phone to snap pictures of a check to deposit into my account, but this time I decided to test out the Yoga’s camera skills. I already knew the quality of the camera thanks to my Skype dates, but now it was time to see how well it captured photos.

I situated the convertible in stand mode, so I could be closer the camera and use the device’s touchscreen to take the picture. At first it was a little awkward trying to position the check in the allotted space provided, as I was working with a front-facing camera rather than a back-facing one.

It took me a few tries to get the angle just right, but once I did, I took a shot of the back of the check and with two more clicks, I was done. The Yoga’s camera was good enough to meet the bank’s standards and surpassed mine, as I was happy that I didn’t have to leave my bed to make a few bucks!


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