Working in the Cloud: Road Warrior iPad Apps & Accessories

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According to IT research firm Gartner, the great enterprise cloud migration is not only happening, it\’s happening fast. Currently, cloud office suites represent eight percent of the overall Office productivity suite market, and that could balloon to 33 percent by 2017, and 60 percent in 2022. Bigger picture: worldwide spending on public IT cloud services is expected  the $100 billion mark by 2016, says International Data Corp. (IDC), another market forecaster.

In other words, the future for business users is looking a lot more mobile, and a lot more productive. TechnologyGuide and its sister sites, Brighthhand, TabletPCReview, and NotebookReview examine this trend, and the many facets therein, because very soon, it\’s likely we will all be working in the cloud.


iPad Cash Registers: Coming To a Store Near You?

JC Penney, the Apple Store, Nordstrom, Barneys and other major retailers are turning to iPads and iPods for use as cash registers. You\’ll also find tablet-based cash registers in coffee shops and other small stores. But most shops and restaurants aren\’t on board with this trend — not yet, anyway. TabletPCReview takes a look at why.

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Staying Productive Offline

Mobile workers are spoiled. They demand connectivity anytime and anywhere, and when there isn\’t free Wi-Fi available to allow them to get work done, all hell breaks loose. But it doesn\’t have to be that way, according to the experts at SearchConsumerization.

Is There a Mobile Wallet in Your Future?

Chances are that you haven\’t used your smartphone yet to pay for anything in a retail store or restaurant, despite all of hoopla surrounding \”mobile wallet\” initiatives. Yet some analysts now predict a surge in mobile in-store purchases within the next couple of years.

6 Anti-Theft Apps for the iPad and iPhone

Apple and a flock of other developers produce \”anti-theft\” apps. What are these apps designed to do? How well do they really work? Read this hands-on roundup.

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