VIDEO: Lenovo Wireless Portable Monitor – Don\’t Call It A Tablet

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At CES 2013, Lenovo introduced its Windows 8-ready portable monitor, which will extend a notebook desktop, bring touch capabilities to non-touchscreen computers, and more. While it may look like one, Lenovo says that the device is not a tablet — but even company representatives couldn\’t help but refer to the monitor as such when TechnologyGuide caught up with them CES 2013.

See what Lenovo had to say about the tablet-esque portable monitors at CES 2013.


Hi. I\’m Ashley with Lenovo, and we have one of the most exciting products here at CES is our portable monitor. Here we\’ve got a 13.3 inch screen, with 1600 x 900 resolution. It\’s also got touch capabilities, so we\’ve got 10 finger touch on board.

It\’s got nice Gorilla Glass that\’s protecting the screen. We have also on board a digitizer pen as well. So that comes with the tablet.

It is connected using USB 3 connector. So you\’ve got a connection here between this notebook. So a USB 3 connector to micro-USB 3 here, on this side B. What you\’re seeing here is the notebook and the tablet, or it could be a tablet actually in this case since it has all the touch capability, but the monitors are sharing duplicate displays.

You can extend that as well. So if you go to devices, second screen, you can actually extend it and use it as a second monitor. So depending on how you want to use it, you\’ve got all kinds of functionality here with this second screen.

Also, because you have all that touch capability, if you bought a notebook that was non-touch, you actually now have the ability to use the touch from this side of the house to bring it to your notebook. So if you were non-touch, it now adds that for you.

So you\’ve really got a whole lot of amazing ability to use this in terms of the Windows 8 Operating System or any touch friendly applications that you want to be able to use on the second screen as well.

It\’s good for collaboration. So perhaps we wanted to play tic-tac-toe. You could actually have a two player game going on, that kind of thing.

It\’s super thin and lightweight. It\’s about 1.6 pounds. It also can work like a digitizer. We\’ve got a little kickstand on the back. You can prop it up that way, maybe use your digitizer pen to use this as a digitizer as well.

We sell this with a hard case, that you see here, and we also have a soft case option.

Now if wired is not enough for you, another exciting thing that we\’re doing is we\’re also going to offer a wireless version. So essentially we could move to a solution where you\’ve got this notebook. Again, we\’re going to be paired with the monitor, but this one is the wireless version. So instead of having that connector between, you now have that exact same screen size, so again, 13.3 inch, same resolution, pretty much the exact same hardware, but on the back what we\’ve done, and this is the soft cover, is we\’ve added this component here, which is actually going to carry battery life of about 4 hours and your Wi-Fi connectivity, which is how we\’re connected here.

So again, the same types of use cases that we talked about with the wired version are available here as well. You can utilize that touch in a wireless fashion, as long as you have Wi-Fi connectivity.

What this does is, as well, is it makes it a zero client. So if you have sensitive information or data that you really don\’t want to reside on, in this case what looks like a tablet, you can actually use this screen as a window to your secure information on the back end. So this is really a multipurpose dual screen.



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