VIDEO: Vizio Does Windows 8 – Vizio MT11x Tablet Preview

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Vizio was once known for inexpensive HDTVs, but they\’re now making attempts to enter the Ultrabook and tablet markets with some success. Its latest, which debuted at CES 2013, is the Vizio MT11x, an 11.6-inch AMD-powered full Windows 8 tablet with a 1920 x 1080 display, which matches the resolution of standard HDTVs. Vizio has not announced pricing for this Windows 8 device, but given its history of inexpensive devices, it\’s likely the Vizio MT11x will be aggressively priced. This is also evident by its AMD processor (instead of Intel) and relatively small 64GB SSD. Also, this is one of the few full Windows 8 tablets at CES that does not pair with a keyboard dock, which should also keep the price down.

Videographer: Ed Green

*********************************************************************************************** Tim Scannell: Here we are at CES 2013, and we\’re at the Vizio suite, I guess I\’ll call it, but it sort of looks like the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. We\’re going to look at a Windows 8 tablet that I guess was introduced at CES or first shown at CES 2013. Am I correct? Tim Almeda: Yes. This year we\’re showcasing our brand new Windows 8 tablet. This is running a full copy of Windows 8. It\’s a 1920 by 1080 full HD-resolution panel. As you can see, it\’s extremely fast and fluid user experience. Great color and great visuals. We were able to achieve that because we\’re using the latest AMD Z60 processor. Tim Scannell: Okay. That\’s kind of a departure from other competitors out there. You\’re almost like building a whole PC type of tablet format. Tim Almeda: Exactly. At Vizio, we wanted to make sure we had a no-compromises product. We want to make sure our consumers can take all of their legacy Windows 7 or earlier applications and run them on the tablet. In addition, visuals are extremely important to Vizio. So we wanted to make sure we had full 1920 by 1080 resolution. And, most importantly, we wanted to make sure it was fanless. So it\’s really important that if you\’re using it in the bed next to your spouse, it\’s not making any noise in the background. Tim Scannell: Yeah, that\’s right. Absolutely. Tim Almeda: So it\’s extremely fast and fluid. As you see, as I\’m rotating the image, the visuals automatically readjust. So using Windows RT, it\’s a great experience if you\’re living in the Windows 8 modern user interface. However, if you want to run any of your legacy Window applications, you\’re not able to do that. Other tablets that do run full version of Windows 8 are limited on a lower screen resolution, say 1366 by 768. Vizio wanted to make sure that you could have that full 1920 by 1080 full HD experience. If you wanted a fanless design, you would either have to use an RT solution, or if you wanted these great visuals, you would have to step up to a more powerful processor and add a fan. Tim Scannell: Right. And one of the things I like about this is little or no legacy. Tim Almeda: So we\’re really optimizing the user experience. As you can see, as I\’m swiping here between app and app and app, there\’s really no lag, and as I swipe through all the photos. It\’s extremely fast and fluid experience, and we\’re able to achieve that because we\’re using the AMD processor to give great visuals and great graphics performance. Tim Scannell: And there\’s built-in Wi-Fi. It looks like you have a lot of ports there as well. HDMI, the [whole suite]? Vizio rep: Yes, we have built-in Wi-Fi 802.11n. We have dual ports. We have USB and HDMI. Tim Scannell: Okay, cool. One of the things I really like, if you want to flip it around, is this great backing, the back here, that it doesn\’t get all scratched up. It\’s sort of like a rubberized backing that\’s easy in your palm and holds your grip. This thing is not going to go flying across the floor of the office very easily. Tim Almeda: Exactly. Tim Scannell: Can you tell me how long the battery lasts on this thing? Tim Almeda: We\’re still in the process of evaluating performance. As we get closer to product launch, we\’ll be able to give you those details. But right now we\’re seeing very promising battery life. Tim Scannell: What about the price point? Tim Almeda: We\’re not here to release the price point yet, here at CES, but as we get closer to product launch, I\’ll be talking to you about that. Tim Scannell: But it will be very competitive? It\’s going to be within the market range hopefully? Tim Almeda: Exactly. Certainly competitive as you look at other products that are going to be on the market at the time. Tim Scannell: All right. Excellent. This has been Tim Almeda with Vizio. I\’m Tim Scannell for Technology Guide.



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